Sometimes it all works out

Photo Courtesy of Roxanne Hale


The Lemonade Stand is No Competition for this Enterprise

Photo by Canva

Arthouse/Freeman Family

Fiction Friday

Justin Groep/Unsplash

Is Now Really a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Tommy Daspit/Willow Homes

The results of working thirty years without a guaranteed salary

Unsplash/Aneta Pawlik

Fiction Friday

Kevin Andre/Unsplash


Could the Real Estate Life be a Fit for You too?

Photo by Canva

Top Ten Home Care Tips from Your Meddlesome Aunt

Photo by Unsplash

Roxanne Hale

Owner & Broker of Arthouse Brokerage in Birmingham, Alabama. 20 year real estate veteran. I write about housing history, design, and custom construction.

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